About us


NLV TEQUILA BOTTLING offers a complete suite of tequila related consulting services. From market research to the purchase of a tequila distillery.  If you are looking for a distillery to supply your private label tequila needs or are just thinking about a label, we can assist you.

We can provide you with industry information as well as the latest trends in product development. We can help you design a custom bottle, register your brand, and export your product worldwide.  



Concept Development
Regulation Compliance
Brand Registration
Label Design
Bottle Design
Production Management
Transportation and Logistics

You can always sell and distribute some one else’ brand but why sell another’s brand when you can sell our own?  NLVTB specializes in producing high end personalized bottled Tequila and custom bottled Tequila for any size of company, anywhere.  Basically, if it has Tequila in it we can make if for you.  NLVTB offers personalized bottled Tequila in several formats.  We offer 100% Blue Agave, Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Extra Anejo, Reserva and Well Tequila.  Custom bottled Tequila has many applications.  Anywhere you see brand Tequila being sold could be your custom bottled Tequila.  Luxury hotels, restaurants, lounges, clubs, high-end hospitality, food service venues and mass wholesale initiatives are several of our industries we supply with our private labeled bottled Tequila.  With sales of bottled Tequila including the personalized variety at an all time high, NLVTB provides you with the opportunity to capitalize on this emerging trend.


The key to being successful in the Tequila market is to look different than everyone else and give a higher perceived value  to the consumer than your competitors.  NLVTB does this in two ways.  We put a lot of time and effort into the design and look of your label.  We believe the label on your custom bottled Tequila is everything.  For our clients looking to retail their custom bottled Tequila, you only get a few seconds for a consumer to make a decision as to what brand they will buy as they pass by the beverage section.  For clients looking to make a big impression, NLVTB also offers our clients the ability to not only have the most premium label on their personalized bottled Tequila but the ability to create their own custom bottle.  Imagine a custom bottled Tequila with your logo molded right into the bottle or a agave scene skillfully displayed as part of the bottle.  These are the lengths that NLVTB will go to provide simply the best personalized bottled Tequila on the market.